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C2E2 2016

We had an amazing time at the convention and sold a bunch of comics. Thanks to all who spent their hard earned money on our book, we hope you enjoyed. We have 3 other cons this year, be looking for an update on FC3 in a few weeks.

William Haun and Dan Warlop 2016

Anatomy of a page part 3

Welcome back fellers. We been a bit busy fillin’ our blankets here that we realized it’s been spell since we last posted some work. Well the holidays were great but even better than gettin’ a new iron from jolly ol’ Saint Nick is the fact that 4 is printing as you read this and 5 is in post. We’re gettin’ pretty damn good at this funny book business. Take a peek at issue 5 page 12

This is how the page started. Pretty basic but we really liked the idea of literally breaking the gutter in

This is how the page started. Pretty basic but we really liked the idea of literally breaking the gutter in panel 2. After reading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics again, I realized this is one of those perfect moments to show what a comic can do that no other medium can do as effectively. So with that, we moved forward.

Here the color has been sapped out and most of the line work has been reinforced to a certain degree. We want to keep the patter motif around the edges but thought this would be more manageable in Photoshop.

And this is how we ended it. We are starting to develop a nice working rhythm and division of labor that not only speeds things up but also ensures a certain amount of consistency from page to page. Hope you enjoyed the breakdown as much as we did creating it. See you soon


Anatomy of a page part 2

Welcome back folks, we here at the WWW are eager to show some work from issue 5. This book should be ready by Jan 1 so if that cliffhanger from 4 has kept you up all night, Mr Sandman is on his way. Now that I said that, this character does look a bit like Morpheus. Anyways, lets get to the art…

The roughs are believe it or not, getting less “rough” I still have a problem over inking parts as this marker can really get the blacks in quick. Notice that NPRS’s squid arm is on the wrong side, again….

A little white here, a little black there. And the arm is fixed.

Some zip, some boarders and some type and we have page 3 pilgrims.
Yes, the ominous character in the background is a call out to all of you Tony Hawk fans from the 80’s

Anatomy of a page pt 1

So, to start things off I thought it might be nice to take your through our process. I will be updating this about every other week so if your curious, drop me a line. Also, you can check out the other goings on at

One thing that is not included was the original panel. We panel of note cards as a way to rapid visualize what the page will look like. If it stinks, no problem, we scrap it. They are fast and disposable and it keeps you from over rendering it since it’s so small.
This page is a bit of an odd ball since the pencils were not even finished. We had the idea but the middle was still up in the air.

In fact, it’s tough to see with the faint blue line work but there is an image of the holy mountain at the bottom.
First round of inks, which were done entirely digitally for this page (not a huge fan of doing it like that btw) left us with this:

Getting there and the images are taking shape. It occurred to me that using Muybridges horse might be a cool effect for the transition. So I stole it-

Adding value with some ziptone and here is where we are. About another hour and we can put this baby to bed. I do like the broken gutter on panel 5. You might see more of this in the future.