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Update on new work

Midnight at the Oasis is-

A. A shitty song

B. Name of issue 7 and 8 of The Weird Weird West

C. Both

midnight at the oasis
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We had a blast in our hometown a few weeks ago, thanks for all who made it out. We are going to be featured onĀ Geekbotcherys Podcast later in June so we will keep you all posted. If your wondering where Danny is, well, someone had to take the picture. What you cannot see is my sever level of food poisoning which forced me to spend about half of the con in the shit house—YAY!

Handsome devil



Howdy Folks!

Here’s the latest on our side of the fence. FC3 is next weekend and I hope you all can make it. We have two other cons this year but this one should be fun because it’s in our hometown.

Issue 6 should be done by the end of the month. We ran over schedule by about a month but that tends to happen when your making a hard 32.

Issue 7 has been written and features a guest writer, our friend and accomplished storyteller Jason “Jaycat” Parada. The issue is really great and I can’t wait to get started paneling it out.

Lastly, here is the poster we will be selling at the shows. Members of the fan club will be receiving a 5×7 glossy postcard of the same image when they mail in their coupon.

Looks like it’s going to be a busy summer so keep checking in for more updates

Weird Weird West
Weird Weird West