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Prayers and a speedy recovery

We had one hell of a scare this week. Early Wednesday morning, Dan Warlop was struck by a speeding truck and was air lifted to a hospital in Iowa. I have yet to talk to him and details are really sketchy but it sounds like he is going to be alright. Needless to say we are taking a break on the book for awhile so in the mean time I appreciate all the love and support for the Warlops.


Mighty Con Milwaukee

We had a blast and sold some books. We are down to the last 3 issues of number 1 so very soon this baby will be a back issue. I’m in the process of creating a trade paperback of 1-5 and maybe throwing 6 in there as well since it will most likely be the last black and white issue we make.

Not the most flattering pics I must admit.


Danny convinced me that it might be time to relax on Major Republic for an issue or two and go back to some of those corny mail in promos that adorned the backs of tons of comics in the 60’s-80’s. Here are a few that I remember–

Funny side note, I begged my mom to buy this for me and when they came in the mail they were all in a small cracker jack box. How could that fit all 100 soldiers in a small box with tanks and artillery you ask? Becasue they were 2-D. Totally worthless

In the vein of all those goofy ads, here comes ours.

will haun; william haun; weird weird west; NPRS; ninja pirate robot squid; WWW

Still needs a lot of type work and color but you get the idea-