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Graphic Novel 1

It’s done and it looks pretty sweet! Some process included, a gallery and a little about our comic is all included. $15 is all it takes to get you up to speed with our hero-

Hope to see you at the DuPage show



Issue 11

Probably putting the cart before the horse here but we have planned out the next 6 issues. This is the mail in for the fan club btw, 4×6 on photo or ragstock paper. Send in your club membership with your address and get some goodies for you effort

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Graphic novel is printing

Hey Now!

Our first trade paperback came in a few weeks ago and I think it looks great. Of course there were some registration issues and some misspellings (it wouldn’t be a comic of mine without some) but overall it looks sharp.

I’m sending out the next edit today and with any luck, in two weeks we should have our first volume up for sale by November.

You might be wondering, ” I have issues 1-5 already, why would I want another copy?” Well, this will have some behind the scenes, some process and history as well as a gallery by some of our friends and colleagues. Check out these beauties.