Shudder pulp annual 1

Much more to come on this darling but here is an anatomy of a page.

Original inks, the layout is on point but look how narrow the door is compared to the French doors. Also, the Madame’s head is way to compressed.
Door way is opened up more and the French doors are added. A reference for the Madame’s head was needed since a 3/4 turn is still a son of a bitch for me
Jenkins, the narrator is still off even after 2 rounds of paste up.
Final illustration with zips and lettering. One more pass of ink and this baby is off to print.

Happy friday

Sorry it’s been a few weeks but issue 12 went to print and I had to button up a few edits. Moving forward, issue 13 will be done before the end of the year and it’s looking more and more like issue 14 will be done around the same time. We’re trying something new with 14 so we’ll be posting more in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy some random weirdness from Dan

X-mas in july

Sorry for the hiatus but we took a trip to Disneyland and just got back. As a Cartoon Kayfabe supporter, cartoonistkayfabe, I wanted to participate in Christmas in July. As a way to boost comic readership, we all took comics that were age appropriate and stuffed them into as many little libraries across town that we could. Big thanks to Nick and his mom at Toad Hall for doing some heavy lifting and giving me a bunch of free comics to disperse.