Welcome Back Kotter

Wow, what a crazy 6 months. Where to begin, and do you really care? At the last Peoria con I got pretty sick. It only lasted a couple of days so I don’t think it was the real deal but who knows. A few weeks later, all schools shut down and we went full remote. Summer was good though but I did miss the cons. Danny came up a couple times and we boarded out the next couple of books. I know I have been terrible about posting, so if your seeing this, thanks for sticking it out with us. I know I said I would post every Friday and I flaked out big time so I will not say it again but here’s to hoping. Anyways, issue 11 is almost done minus the lettering. I’ll pull back the curtain every week to show you all that I have not been a lazy piece of shit all these months. Happy Trails.

Page 3

Issue 11 page??

Sorry, I couldn’t read the type on the upper right. I feel like shit that I haven’t been better about posting here, or FB for that matter. The new job took some time to get used to as far as the hours and blah, blah, blah. No excuses. We have been hard at work with the next two issues though, I promise. This issue should be printed by Sept and the next trade should arrive shortly thereafter. Keep checking in, new work to come.

You can see how tight Dans pencils are, really not much to ink on some of these new pages

Issue 11 Page 17

So Dan has been sending me updates on all of his pencils and it’s high time i shared some of these gorgeous images. I’m caught up on inks to page 8 and I’ll post some of those in the coming weeks. I have a shit ton of work to share so stay tuned, I promise I’ll do a better job of keeping up with my Friday promise