Cover issue 12

Sorry I took a couple of weeks off of posting, things got a little busy and time slipped away. Regardless, we have been at it despite not posting any new material. Danny is getting done inking issue 13 and I’m about 12 pages into issue 12 sans lettering. All in all, the work looks pretty strong so hopefully we will be getting back into some cons in the fall so all of you weirdos can check out the new work.

Putting in the 10,000 hours

Sorry I missed last Friday but I’m balls deep into issue 12 and needed the extra time. I’ve really been fussing over this rag so I hope your ready for bullet poppin’, ass droppin romp through the West. Here is some process from behind the scenes

Thumbnail stech
Had to use a reference on this one, a birds eye 3/4 shot is any cartoonist nightmare. I was happy with how I stressed the lighting, it made a big difference in the final
Blew out the levels in Ps and sent to print
Sketch on the print
Final page. I did rotate the comp because I thought having the car point away from the page made sense, now I’m not so sure.