Some new signage

So Moo has this special where you can order multiple images for business cards, meaning you don’t have to use the same image over and over. If they can do front and back I thought it might be cool to do a series of trading cards and have the backs be pieces to a large image kind of like the old Garbage Pail Kids cards did. If I did I may use this as the final image that is created.



Didn’t think we would make it?

If I promise every Friday then come hell or high water it will be every Friday. Switching gears a little on this end, here is a page from issue 10. Issue 10? That’s right, I actually started this one last year and have very slowly been picking away at it. If you’ll remember, Dan and Tim are working together on issue 9 while I was on sabbatical working on my children’s book, which if I hit all of my milestones should be pretty close to finished by the end of August. (fingers crossed) To break up the monotony of the illustrations I keep coming back to this issue which if everything goes right, should be done around the same time as issue 9. That means by the show season next year we could have two new issues and after we wrap issue 11 which Dan and I are starting to script this weekend, we will have our second graphic novel. Pretty exciting.


Issue 9 page 11

Looks like NPRS and a few of our simian friends are sending a few of those hillbillies to the old marble orchard. How’s it all going to shake out is anyone’s guess. This issue is totally Dan and Tim, I’ll probably pop in for some last minute inks, colors and letters but I’m leaving this baby to the pros-