C2E2 2017

What a show! We had the best C2E2 to date, we met some old friends, made some new friends, drank some beer and sold a shit load of comics. Thank you to all who managed to stop by and say “hi” and let us know how we are doing. The comic is growing faster then we ever thought and it’s all because of you, so thanks again.

Here are some pictures from the show and a prototype cover for issue 8. More posts are on the way.


Buckshot & Bill Jo in action
Alexander ponders his tropes, gambits and flanking maneuvers.

New web comic

We really wanted to stay on top of this much better but with the comic rolling, the online stuff has taken a back seat. Upshot is that Dan has us on Comixology by the end of the week, once I get my lazy ass to convert the files properly. Till then, check out the Web Comic page to catch up on two fan favs-

On a side note, here’s Venger in progress

will haun; william haun


I’m going to order a few of these since I got a 50% off coupon from Vistaprint. The black on white is a little over $10. There is an option for white on black and long sleeve. If anyone wants one, let me know soon and I can keep the cost down with group shipping.


Funny side note, the dirt that Artexx is kicking up ended up looking so much like Walt Simonsons signature that I just ended up using it and obscuring some of it.walt_simonson_brontosaurus_signature_by_sjvernon-d9uqpqe