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C2E2 is coming soon

First weekend of April I believe? Sorry for the break in action, it’s been nuts trying to get this joker in on time. The good news is I think we are hitting our deadline and will have this issue out for the big show and subsequent show season (can’t wait to see you all again). Dan is coming in town for this one so for all you weird westerners, stop by and say “howdy”. We learned a lot about color and lettering, this one should not disappoint.




Back at it!!

Welcome back folks, glad to be back on familiar ground. The last three months have been a roller coaster to say the least. The children’s book I started made some decent progress but is still a long way from being done. I do have a few pages really close to the final render if anyone is interested.

On to some weirder stuff, I picked back up where I left off in June with issue 8, page 9. It took me a day or two to start seeing the inks the way they needed to be but after a week I’m really happy with how the blacks are forming. All of the pages are penciled so hopefully by Jan 1 they will all have ink and about half should have color –

I’ll be posting every Friday so stay tuned for more updates