Anatomy of a page part 2

Welcome back folks, we here at the WWW are eager to show some work from issue 5. This book should be ready by Jan 1 so if that cliffhanger from 4 has kept you up all night, Mr Sandman is on his way. Now that I said that, this character does look a bit like Morpheus. Anyways, lets get to the art…

The roughs are believe it or not, getting less “rough” I still have a problem over inking parts as this marker can really get the blacks in quick. Notice that NPRS’s squid arm is on the wrong side, again….

A little white here, a little black there. And the arm is fixed.

Some zip, some boarders and some type and we have page 3 pilgrims.
Yes, the ominous character in the background is a call out to all of you Tony Hawk fans from the 80’s

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