Motion Graphic

Howdy folks, glad to see ya all again. Sorry I didn’t post last week but I got busy with some goodies that I wanted to touch up before I posted them. First is the motion graphic! In thinking more about a web comic or little bridge animation, I thought a title sequence would be perfect. Here are a few images before the final render. Should be ready in a couple of weeks and I’ll post a link to Vimeo

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This obviously owes a ton to the Spaghetti Western Trilogy, in particular A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Though it really did come from listening to the soundtrack of the former which were all scored by Enniio Morricone. I had never knew his mane until a few months ago when I heard some pod cast talking about the great scores of various westerns. So this is kind of my homage to that style. I see a common style in the title cards and the work of Saul Bass, particularly the funky type.

Again, using Muybridge and his locomotion to rotoscope NPRS onto horseback made for a perfect little transition device between adversaries. I also used a shooting gallery POV for some of the scenes because I was always a fan of Hogans Alley.

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