Prayers and a speedy recovery

We had one hell of a scare this week. Early Wednesday morning, Dan Warlop was struck by a speeding truck and was air lifted to a hospital in Iowa. I have yet to talk to him and details are really sketchy but it sounds like he is going to be alright. Needless to say we are taking a break on the book for awhile so in the mean time I appreciate all the love and support for the Warlops.

6 thoughts on “Prayers and a speedy recovery

  1. Oh geez, I hope Dan has a speedy recovery. That’s awful. Please update when you have more news.

    I picked up a couple issues at the Milwaukee Comic Con and loved them. I’m looking forward to reading some more.

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    1. Thank you so much Dan, maybe your comment sent some positive mojo because he is doing really well. He has some cool road rash that I bet itches like a mother but overall he is up and about and acting like himself. No broken bones or serious internal injury – just some staples in his scalp and a shit ton of bruises. I would wager he will be back on the comic in less than a month

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    1. Thanks for your well-wishes, DB. It’s true, I’m on my feet, and looking forward to continued work with Will on issue 7 (we are amazingly close and 6 is almost out the door!!) Look for 6 in the coming couple of weeks. I’m excited to be back and greatly appreciate all the good feels, everyone! Now back to weirdness!


      1. Huzzah!!! Great to hear that you’re on your feet. I’m looking forward to seeing the new issues. Where can I get them? I only have 1+2 but would like to get the others.


      2. Glad to hear that you like the work. We have not set up an online store yet and we don’t want you to have to wait until the Madison or DuPage show (actually, not sure if there is still openings for Madison but we are looking into it) So, that said, email me at williamjhaun@gmail and we can send you out the issues your missing. While your at it, we are looking for a couple more letters for the Q/A in issue 7 so why not drop us a question or comment and see your name in print.
        thanks for the correspondence.


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