I’m going to order a few of these since I got a 50% off coupon from Vistaprint. The black on white is a little over $10. There is an option for white on black and long sleeve. If anyone wants one, let me know soon and I can keep the cost down with group shipping.


Funny side note, the dirt that Artexx is kicking up ended up looking so much like Walt Simonsons signature that I just ended up using it and obscuring some of it.walt_simonson_brontosaurus_signature_by_sjvernon-d9uqpqe

7 thoughts on “T-Shirt

    1. what size do you want? the larges are not as big as I thought so keep that in mind. it takes about 2 weeks to get here so if you really want one, let me know this week and what size so we can have it for you at C2E2, otherwise take your time. If you want, I can send you the JPG file and you can use whatever service (vistaprint, cutom ink, local screen printer) you want. Thanks for following and new work will be up on Friday


      1. I won’t be at C2E2, so…mail it is. How much for shipping?
        I normally wear a medium, but you said the larges run a little small..should i size up?
        Lastly, are you gonna do ’em in black sometime?
        Sorry i’m so full of questions and problems before it’s even light out..


  1. Not sure about shipping, i’ll check. I would go with a large personally in case you ever want a long sleeve underneath. we can totally do a white on black but it costs more. i’ll post a price breakdown in a minute but you can visit vistaprint and go to the shirts whenever


  2. looks like it’s 17 without shipping. if you want, i can send you the PNG and you can print it yourself, that way i dont have to charge you to have it shipped here and then to you. otherwise you can give me your address and i can have it shipped to you directly. with shipping you can figure another 6 dollars or so


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