Rockford Con – Thanks everyone!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks. My family just moved and we picked the worst week in history to try and do so. All’s well that ends well and blah blah blah but what’s going on with the comic?

Well all is well, the ninth issue just went to print so we should be hitting that C2E2 deadline once again. If your in the Madison area, check me out this Sunday for Mighty Con

Monona Terrace, 1 John Nolen Dr, Madison, WI 53703

Thanks to all who made it out to Rockford last weekend. This was our second home town show and easily the best con I have ever attended. We sold out of a bunch of comics and met a ton of really cool people. Thanks to Jay Parada for stepping up and helping me keep up with the pace. See you all really soon-

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