Back on the trail-

Howdy Weirdo’s,

Back at it and yes, I’m sorry that it took so goddamn long it took to post. Not to make excuses but we moved and I started a new job and –blah, blah, blah. Trucking along, I promise I’ll be better about posting every Friday. The good news is we never quit making content so like a bad case of constipation, we are backed up. Issue 10 is DONE. Issue 11 is scripted, boarded, Dan is half way through the issue on pencils and I have four pages inked. Looking ahead the second trade will be ready around Sept and the next five issues (The Giallo/Noir arc) has been scripted out. I hope to see some of you at Quad Con this Sunday at Tebala in Rockford so until then, check out a final page from Andersonville

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