Welcome Back Kotter

Wow, what a crazy 6 months. Where to begin, and do you really care? At the last Peoria con I got pretty sick. It only lasted a couple of days so I don’t think it was the real deal but who knows. A few weeks later, all schools shut down and we went full remote. Summer was good though but I did miss the cons. Danny came up a couple times and we boarded out the next couple of books. I know I have been terrible about posting, so if your seeing this, thanks for sticking it out with us. I know I said I would post every Friday and I flaked out big time so I will not say it again but here’s to hoping. Anyways, issue 11 is almost done minus the lettering. I’ll pull back the curtain every week to show you all that I have not been a lazy piece of shit all these months. Happy Trails.

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