Happy New Year!

What a weird year it was indeed. While the virus took it’s toll on so many, we here at the WWW were lucky to have stayed healthy and employed. We hope you all made the best out of a pretty shitty situation.

Ajax is coming

So on some lighter news, here are a few things in the works. Issue 11 is set to have a rough printing by the end of next week and that should mean the first 100 will be available by mid-Feb. Moving forward, here is a look at my studio where you will find all 28 pages of issue 12 already paneled out. I’m using a technique Bruce Timm supposedly uses, a trick I picked up from Cartoonist Kayfabe, a great podcast.

And continuing forward, here is a peek at what Dan has been up to on issue 13

Lot’s more to come this year, check us out every Friday to see what’s new in the Weird West

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