Mighty Con – Davenport

Thanks to everyone who stopped by last weekend, we had fun meeting a bunch of new people and spreading the word. Very sad news though, as some of you know, Dan is heading to Florida tomorrow and will not be coming back to the Mid-West. While this really makes me sad, he has some great opportunities in the sunshine state. He will be greatly missed as he is a much better salesman than I am.

Regardless, we have issue 8 penciled and are working on inks currently. We both thumb-nailed out 9 and will start the process of refining the comps with the idea that Dan will continue to pencil down south and send his boards to me for inks and letters when he is done. We will probably have monthly Skype meetings to make sure everything is the well oiled machine it once was.

Happy trails Danny!

Note the Captain America t-shirt on Ana
Probably cover for issue 1 and 2 reprint. Only 4 issues of number 1 remain so your investment will likely be going up in the near future.

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