Trusting the process – part…whatever

Thanks to all the people who spent a Saturday morning with me at the Mt Morris library. You all made some terrfici covers and I really think a few of you could make comics as a living (no bullshit). Sorry to all who turned up to the Lake County Pop Con, what a drag. If I knew it was a flea market I never would have signed up. It was cool to see her though-

and if you were unaware, she was naked in Caddyshack (Houston, we have a boner)

Anyways, back to our sorrid little rag. Danny got to come up north just in time for 8 inches of snow last month and in one night we smoked a pack of cigarettes and paneled out issue 11 – The Season of the Witch. We love this story and I promise that issue 10 and 11 are going to blow your goddamn socks off. Here is our parade of thumbnails all splayed out so we can visualize the flow of the whole book. Why two sets? My you are an observant fan…we do it this way to maximize creativity on the page. He does a whole book of thumbnails and I do the whole book and then we lay them side by side in sequence and compare which elements best tell the story. We mix and match until the cocktail is 180 proof. It worked for Walt Simonson and I’ll leave it at that.

That about wraps it up. Sorry I took a couple of weeks off but I’ll be more steady this summer. Last note, issue 10 is pulling out all of the stops and will have a very limited glow in the dark cover. I anticipate about 50 of these so get them early or reserve your copy by mailing or sending me an image of your “Ace in the Hole”

Stay weird mi amigos

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