Updates and some sad news

Hello fellow Weirdos-

Hope you all have been well provisioned and are looking forward to some hot weather. I havent been great on updates and social media but I promise that we have been working around the clock to get you the absolute best issue yet by September. Issue 10 is a masterpiece, I know that sounds concieted but it is (fuck you). I have poured everyting I learned in the last 6 years into this puppy so hopefully you can tell.

And now for the sad news. All of you know that we are animal nuts here at the WWW and hopefully you are too. Sadly a member of our brood needed the long nap so I’m dedicating this issue to the late, great Cupcake Haun. Death is the punctuation on life and without death life would have no meaning and blah blah blah but seriously, what a fucking drag. I get why people bury their peeps in the pet cemetery, i really do.

Here’s a look at page 14

Yeah, we love Creepshow too –
This was the first summer we got her.
RIP Cuppy
2011 – 2019

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